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You only pay for what you use on AI Tools 99, billed by the second. When you don’t run anything, it scales to zero and you don’t pay a thing.


$1 = 1000000 credits


GPU ServerPrice
1010500 credits/sec
1001438 credits/sec
1002389 credits/sec

Public models

Our community has contributed a selection of open-source machine learning models and will continue to add more. If you have a favorite model, feel free to recommend it for inclusion. When running or training any of these models, you only pay for the time required to process your request.

Each model runs on different hardware and takes a different amount of time to run. You’ll find estimates for how much they cost under "Run time and cost" on the model’s page. For example, for sticker-maker:

This model costs approximately 7002 credits ($0.007) to run on AI Tools 99, but this varies depending on your inputs.

Predictions run on 1002 GPU server, which costs 389 credits ($0.000389) per second. Predictions typically complete within 18 seconds.